Endorsed by our direct colaboration with the manufacturer we carry and fully support iScan AOI systems 

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Affordable yet complete AOI 

The iScan Automatic Optical Inspection system offers an entry level rapid, versatile high resolution standard flatbed scanner at an affordable cost.

It is suitable for:

  • post-reflow inspection
  • pre-solder reflow (before wave soldering)
  • process inspection
  • final quality inspection

Easy programming and fine tune

A new prgram in 30 minutes with
  • step by step programming 
  • easy CAD import
  • merge the board and component images
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Easy loading

  • centre board support
  • back rail support
  • various slots heights
  • easy adjustable side rail

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Faults Identification

AOI identifies following faults:

  • skewed
  • incorrect polarity
  • missing
  • tombstone
  • incorrect part
  • misplaced
  • bent leads

The software allows flexibility to identify non standard components.

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Data logging and Traceability 

Test data and images are stored after each test for full traceability

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Comparator option

  • identify mising or misplaced through hole components
  • PCB scan
  • Visual testing
  • faults rework report


​Dimensions ​800mm x 742mm x 310mm
​Product size ​640mm x 475mm
​Scan area ​420mm x 330mm
​Component height 60mm max
​Power requirements ​240, 110VAC 5/13 AMP
Software​                        ​iScan Comparator software
iScan AOI Software​
​PC Windows 10, i5 4Gb, 500Gb HD​
​LCD Monitor