The History of Cynergy

Founded in 2006 after more than 12 years in the electronics manufacturing industry, the founder of Cynergy brought his experience to the business from working for a tier one placement solutions manufacturer, a leading Scandinavian distributor of capital equipment and a shorter period running board building for a well known Danish OEM.

The decision to start a business at a time of financial crisis on top of an already significant downturn in electronics manufacturing in the Scandinavian region was made with an expectation that distributors and manufacturers would experience a shortfall of resources in trying to maintain their obligations to their existing customers.  The following few years proved this to be largely correct and Cynergy became a useful provider of support services to existing distributors and as a handler of key account support and distribution support for more remote manufacturers.

Gradually, Cynergy has developed it’s own distribution agreements with vendors of capital equipment who we have grown to know and trust over the years and while maintaining focus on the demands and challenges of operating in a large geographical region with a low density of installed sites, we continue to offer a realistic and pragmatic approach to the applications the customers have and the support they require to remain competitive.

Cynergy’s goals remain simple and realistically achievable. We do not attempt to force growth by intensive marketing. We prefer to grow organically by reference and in doing so, we avoid the irritation of persistent marketing and repetitive contact to existing and potential customers.

In a manufacturing environment where time and human resource is by far the most valuable commodity, we often see manufacturers where the owner is also the person with several jobs on the shop floor. Our goal is to be perceived as a resource for these people and work in unison to uncover the best possible solutions to reduce human workload while increasing throughput, which we believe our product portfolio addresses very well.