About Us

Cynergy SMT

Established in 2006 by James Whitehouse, Cynergy brings over three decades of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry to the table. With a background working for leading players in tier one placement solutions, Scandinavian capital equipment distribution, and board building for a renowned Danish OEM, James founded Cynergy with a clear vision in mind.

Our journey began amidst financial uncertainty and a downturn in electronics manufacturing across Scandinavia. Recognising the impending resource shortage faced by distributors and manufacturers, James saw an opportunity to bridge the gap. True to his foresight, Cynergy quickly became a trusted provider of support services, catering to the needs of existing distributors and remote manufacturers alike.

Over the years, Cynergy has cultivated strong distribution agreements with reputable vendors of capital equipment. Despite operating in a large geographical region with sparse installed sites, our focus remains on delivering practical solutions to our customers’ challenges, ensuring they stay competitive in their respective markets.

At Cynergy, we believe in organic growth driven by referrals and word-of-mouth. We eschew aggressive marketing tactics in favour of building genuine relationships with our clients. By understanding their needs and offering tailored support, we’ve earned a reputation as a reliable resource in the manufacturing landscape.

In an industry where time and human resources are precious commodities, we understand the demands placed on manufacturers firsthand. Many of our clients are small business owners who wear multiple hats, including roles on the shop floor. Our goal is to alleviate their burden by providing solutions that streamline processes and boost productivity. With our carefully curated product portfolio, we aim to empower manufacturers to achieve more with less.

At Cynergy, our mission is clear: to be your trusted partner in navigating the challenges of modern manufacturing. Join us on this journey towards efficiency, productivity, and success.