Solderking have a team of seasoned industry specialists who are top of their class when it comes to consumables. We are pleased to offer the full range of Solderking consumables at very competitive prices. Please feel free to check out their products on their website, once you know what you’re interested in, you can fill out the contact form at the foot of this page, or submit your enquiry to Solderking directly.

Cored Solder Wire

Ultra high performance RoHS and REACH compliant soldering for robots and operators. Superior wetting for defect-free automated operations. High speed drag soldering for enhanced operator performance. High reliability lead free solder to J-STD 004B.  No offensive odours. Very low clear residues.

Lead-Free Solder Paste

RoHS and REACH compliant lead-free solder paste. Low voiding, high fill, superior wetting, J-STD 004B ROL1 and ROL0 formulations. Excellent print characteristics utilizing type 4 (20-38 µm) and type 5 (15-25 µm) powder. Printer and operator friendly offering >3 days open time and tackiness time. Supplied in all lead free SAC alloys and bismuth alloys. 12 months storage, long life.

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