Pick & Place SMT Machines

Hanwha pick and place machines are cutting-edge solutions for electronic component assembly, enhancing efficiency in manufacturing processes. Renowned for their speed, precision, and versatility, Hanwha pick and place machines cater to diverse production needs. The intuitive software allows easy programming and customisation, ensuring seamless integration into various assembly lines. With a reputation for reliability and innovation, Hanwha machines contribute to increased productivity and streamlined manufacturing in the electronics industry, making them a preferred choice for businesses seeking high-performance pick and place solutions.

The HM520 series models

State-of-the-art high-speed modular with extreme flexibility.
· Highest productivity among machines of the same class
· Optimized to high quality production
· Unmanned, non-stop and zero defect using the Smart Factory S/W Solution

HM520W – NEW Cutting-edge wider Modular Mounter
HM520 HS – High Speed Modular Mounter
HM520 MF – Cutting-edge Multifunction Modular Mounter
HM510 – Odd-Shape Modular Mounter

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SM & DECAN Series Advanced Flexible Placers & Shooters


The DECAN series models can handle a wide range of components and maximize productivity with various PCB transfer systems.

There are 5 unique machines in the DECAN series, with the optimal machine module being able to provide 95,000 CPH speeds.

Check out the Hanwha site for full information on the machines in the DECAN module series.

SM471 Plus – Fast Chip Shooter
SM481 – Flexible Placer
SM482 – Multi-Functional Placer
SCM1-D – Ultra-Slim Shield Can

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