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Cynergy SMT have selected MP Elektronik for their excellence in drying process solutions for diverse applications. With a legacy dating back to 2012, MP specialise in crafting cutting-edge dry cabinets, setting industry standards and addressing unique needs in the electronics sector.

Our range of MP dry cabinets evolve continually to fulfill customer demands, ensuring exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness in PCB and MSD component drying and storage. MP takes pride in their ability to create fully customisable dry storage systems tailored to your specific requirements. Experience the advantage of tailored solutions that seamlessly align with your needs, offering unmatched performance and efficiency to enhance your overall efficiency and profitability.

MP dry cabinet

Why MP Dry Cabinets?

Dry cabinets serve as a valuable alternative to moisture barrier bags, mitigating the risk of operator handling errors. These metal cabinets are equipped with tightly sealed doors and multiple shelves, providing a secure environment for storing trays and reels over extended durations.

Moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs) refer to electronic components enclosed in plastic compounds and other organic materials. The ingress of moisture from atmospheric humidity occurs through permeable packaging materials via diffusion, accumulating at the interfaces of dissimilar materials.

To address the challenges posed by moisture sensitivity in electronics manufacturing, two key standards come into play: IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020B and IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C. These industry standards, collaboratively developed by IPC and JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, offer guidance and solutions for managing moisture-related issues.

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Custom Made Dry Cabinets

bespoke dry cabinest

Bespoke dry cabinets that are designed to meet your exact specifications. Offering the most cost-effective individual solutions in the market, our cabinets leverage the advantages of Industry 4.0. Crafted precisely to your requirements, these cabinets eliminate the need for adapting your production methods – instead, they seamlessly adapt to you.

Our dry cabinets feature thermally and hermetically isolated chambers, complete with a drying unit, sensor, touch screen display, and heater. Each chamber allows for independent parameter settings, providing a versatile and adaptable solution.

To enhance user experience, proprietary software has been developed for our dry cabinets. With a clear interface and intuitive controls, our software ensures efficient and user-friendly operation.

smt custom dry cabinets

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