Cynergy SMT at Productronica 2023

With the office gradually getting back to normal after an overwhelming Productronica 2023, we are reflecting on the phenomenal interest in all of what we offer, but in particular, the interest showed in the new models presented by Hanwha this year. With many thanks to all the customers from the Scandinavian and Baltics regions who visited the booth and thanks also to Hanwha for the award they presented to Cynergy for performance 2023.

The interest and response during the show and the choice made by GP Electronics earlier this year for a very comprehensive HM520 solution, including the HM520-W officially launched at Productronica, is proof that Hanwha has got the recipe right with their approach to flexibility and volume in the same package, supported by an equally flexible and integrated software solution.

Our impression after working with P&P for close to 30 years is that it is obvious that Hanwha provide a vast wealth of experience from their closer markets and key accounts , such as multiple Samsung facilities. As we experienced with the GP Elektronik project in Denmark, the equipment was literally plug and play. After placing the order, we were able to deliver, install and run the first board in less than 4 weeks. Since then, there have been no issues with hardware and software adaptations /customizations have had a rapid turnaround with R&D.

Cynergy’s support for the region is OEM standard with our own tech support teamed with Hanwha’s resource in Frankfurt, as well as our collaborations with distributors in neighbouring countries where there are significantly more machines and a greater depth of knowledge and experience from that.

All things combined and with a sensible pricing structure, we look forward to our decision to move into distribution of new equipment continuing to be proved right.

We can quickly provide simulations and budgetary quotes based on customer data, so potential customers can very easily calculate what it will take to follow demand without a significant increase in operator intervention, due to the facilities within the software for offline preparation. Likewise, we have software solutions in place which will automate board/BOM data conversion from other platforms and provide easy data handling moving forward, removing the hurdle often associated with migrating between placement platforms.

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