Hanwha HM520 range

Introducing the Hanwha HM520 range of machines from Korean tech giant, Hanwha. Building on their own legacy and continued collaborations with Samsung, they have recently concluded development of bi-directional integration with Siemens VALOR, providing virtually no line debugging on new jobs and multi-vendor capability, which automatically adapts pick up /placement data or even vision data when scanning a replenishment reel from a different vendor. With real dual lane /mixed product on front /rear, you do not have to interrupt long orders with short orders or NPI work.

This gets the manufacturer extremely close to the goal of tangentially increasing your throughput while remaining with the same operator and job prepping staff, with actual customer references stating a sixfold increase in capacity compared with another P&P brand, and while remaining with the same shopfloor headcount.

Here is a video introducing the HM520W, the most flexible of the range


Curious to see what you can achieve compared with the equipment you currently run? Get in touch to see what throughput you would achieve with your data as an example and how little you would have to invest.