See us at Evertiq Expo, Malmö, Sweden 23 May 2024

Cynergy SMT will be at the one day Evertiq Expo in Sweden on 23 May 2024. This one day table-top expo and conference has over 120 exhibitors and a conference schedule that includes keynote speakers, networking sessions and panel discussions focusing on key topics in the manufacturing and electronics industry. These will cover themes such as sustainability, innovation, and emerging technologies. The critical issues facing the sector will be confronted, with insights and strategies for navigating challenges and identifying opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you in Malmö, a rapidly growing centre for the electronics industry, and showing you the strengths and expertise of Cynergy SMT;

Over the years, Cynergy has cultivated strong distribution agreements with reputable vendors of capital equipment. Despite operating in a large geographical region with sparse installed sites, our focus remains on delivering practical solutions to our customers’ challenges, ensuring they stay competitive in their respective markets.

At Cynergy, we believe in organic growth driven by referrals and word-of-mouth. We eschew aggressive marketing tactics in favour of building genuine relationships with our clients. By understanding their needs and offering tailored support, we’ve earned a reputation as a reliable resource in the manufacturing landscape.

See us at Evertiq Expo, Malmo, Sweden 23 May 2024